So I was at band practice today, and I have just realized that 2 of my tubes to not glow whatsoever, even after being on for 2+ hours. So I come to you, I have a very limited amount of knowledge on the subject of tubes, I know nothing other than tubes>ss.
So, what kind of tubes should I use? I have a Randall RH50T, and I play metal/metalcore in drop b. I want some high gain stuff (if possible, like I said, I don't know).
Thanks for any help.
This is our last chance.
Well, I don't know much either, but I know that your model has two EL34 power tubes and four 12AX7 preamp-tubes.
For a more "american" sounding distortion, you could swap the EL34 for 6L6 tubes, as the EL34 has a more "british" sound (think early marshall). You could also try the 6550 which is based on the 6L6, but has a higher output (I suspect that this is what's inside of the Peavy 6550 models).
As for the 12AX7 preamp-tubes, I don't know. They do give pretty good cleans though.
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