i want to mod my guitar, but i need lots and lots of help!!!
heres what i want to do:
-have some kind of coil tap (preferably this one: http://projectguitar.com/tut/12waymod.htm)

-installing a piezo pickup

-a knob to control the mix between piezo and magnetic pickups.

-and maybe some kind of active preamp??

please help me!!!!
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It would probably help if you asked a question, do you have any idea how to do these?
well, the coil tap (or split) its just follow the diagram.
theres a lot of info on the piezo pickup, but the blend knob is what im stuck in

how do i install the blend knob??
and any kind of advice on the active preamp wold be greatly appreciated!!
would this work as an active preamp (http://projectguitar.com/tut/sustainer.htm)??