ok, my brain is about to explode over this. I've been going back and forth all last night about getting two or three single pedals, or the Boss ME-50. (I've heard that the wah on the me-50 is sub par though). I'm just starting out, and only have a DS1 right now, and looking for sounds. I played around with the ME-50 a little last night at GC, and I'm still torn. There were sounds that I really liked, but then there were others that I wouldn't see myself really ever using.

I'm mostly into rock/classic rock such as Floyd, Clapton, etc....

I really liked the sound of a Chorus, and Phaser for sure. I've read that Reverb, and Delay, are used quite often as well...Here is a list of pedals that I'm thinking about to compare them to each other right now-

Boss Chorus CE-5
Small Stone Chorus
MXR Phase
Small Stone
Boss Digital Delay
Holy Grail
Holy Stain
Crybaby Wah (I hear these are fun to play around with)

I'm trying to stay just under $300, I realize the ME-50 would probably be best, but I also like the idea of single pedals, just wondering which are highly recommended, or used the most in music.

Thanks in advance, it is appreciated.
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id say a zoom 505II...its has a variety of neat tricks for beginners to use
and im saying that beacause its the only one ive got uptil now : P....sorry i can;t help you with any of the others
^^ yes for beginners, but the boss for a wider range.
i have 3 single pedals..tube screamer, delay and wah.
im into metal though, i stil think single pedals are better.

try a nice digital delay, with a chorus/phaser pedal aswell..
just ask to try a few in the range...cant help to ask
To be honest, I only had a DS-1 a couple months ago, and now I got a digitech multi-effects pedal (RP300 to be specific), and I couldn't be happier with it because it lets me try out a crapton of effects. Yes, the sound quality isn't amazing, but it's much better than I expected it to be. Plus you could have money left over, heh.
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I would recommend single pedals

Id rather have a bunch of single amazing boxes than a big crappy one
If you're playing classic rock, I would recommend an OD, a wah, and some type of modulation so...

Vox V847 wah- best classic rock wah for 100 bucks
Digitech Bad Monkey- Great overdrive pedal for the price, it's 50 bucks
MXR Phase 90- Great little phaser, classic pedal- 80 bucks
Electro Harmonix Small Clone- Classic chorus, very lush sounding, 84 bucks
you are just over 300 bucks, and now you have a decent pedal setup.
+1 to HighwayToHell's recommendation.

Especially if you're going to be putting more and more money into music stuff as you get older. This way you can start with a foundation instead of getting something you will probably replace in a year.

And if you still want some sort of multi just for some crazy effects now and then, see if you can get a used digitech something-er-other for like $50 on craigslist to play with.
Really need an XT Live minimum for multi or your better off with single pedals although i'd drop a bit more cash. A POD will certainly keep up with single pedals less then $100.
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