yeah, single coil sized humbuckers...can they be split? i havent checked to see if theyre even manufactured as 4 conductor, but ive wondered this for a while.
Humbuckers are double coils.
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Humbuckers are double coils.

You can get them in single coil size.

I don't think they can be split.
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I don't think they can be split.

I guarantee you that they can.

However, I don't recommend it. I think a much better option to splitting a singlecoil sized humbucker is to run them through different valued capacitors that you can switch between. In one guitar I have Duncan hotrails which are running switcheably through a 0.022uf and a 0.047uf capacitor. The lower value gives a more humbucker like tone, the higher value makes the single coil sized humbuckers sound like hot singlecoils.
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Humbuckers are double coils.

Stacked humbuckers?

I don't think they can, but Tom (^) had a good idea.

With 2 coils and 4 conductor wire, yes, it's possible to do. Would be better to find one you could hear first to see if it's worth doing though. Never really use my coil-split much