So I got my guitar, and Ive sorta learned the begining of iron man. But Im having alot of trouble with playing a note. Like Ill press on the string, and pluck but it will sound dead. Im not touching the fret so I dont know what the prob is. Sometimes its fine, sometimes its dead.

So should I take leasons? Or should I just get a good book? Or learn off the internet?
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I think this would go in here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=9

But try and learn how to play some stuff first, you don't need lessons right off the bat, unless you want to of course.
But most things that they will teach you when you first start can easily be learned by yourself.
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Lessons ftw!

I have them, and my teacher is a legend. He just teaches me songs I want to play. Well he did, I'm doing grades now (at 5 atm).

They are good, a decent teacher will keep you motivated
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If you are interested in also learning how to read notes and stuff, it can also help you learn to play simple stuff without looking can be this book:

guitar method book 1 from Belwins 21st Century Guitar Library by Aaron Stang. pretty helpful, and on the side you'll be able to read eventually all 6 strings.

Edit: also a teacher can be nice if the book seems to boring or easy, although I've never had lessons...thinking about it though
I know some who have had lessons and some who learn in other ways. Its a personal thing really! There is a wealth of stuff on the internet, some good stuff on youtube for learning techniques and of course stuff on this site!
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A good teacher will teach you theory and stuff, find a good teacher. Theory may not be the most exciting, but it helps a hell of a lot, just look at Joe Satriani, amazing guitarist, and smart as hell lol
you should get a theory book, just so you know some stuff. also, learn to read music. in this day and age of tabs, everyone can play guitar. but a fewer number can read music
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Yeah there's one kid on this site who did an amazing guide to guitar.

It's his sig i think

Forgotten his name though
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Ze Guitarist, look him up on member search. in his sig you find his lessons.

i use a Hal Leonard Guitar Method book to teach me to read music. Its nota necessity, you can also learn to read music on the net. i used google for a year before realizing i still couldnt master smoke on the water... i got lessons this past october and i've noticed such a dramatic difference.
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you should get a theory book, just so you know some stuff. also, learn to read music. in this day and age of tabs, everyone can play guitar. but a fewer number can read music

Dude, I cannot agree with this more. I've started to get into it really hard in the last two weeks, and I've finished my Grade 1 theory. I've got up to Grade 4, and I plan to finish that within a couple months hopefully. That's including doing the exams and getting that magic piece of paper to boost my ego saying that I have completed it . But yes, I wish I had of started doing theory when I first started. Even just the basic at first, and then built on it from there.

Anyway, good luck dude, I think you should learn the very basics here, and then get a teacher. Best of luck

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