My friend just bought his guitar a week ago but he wants me to tune it and help him get started. What can you suggest that i can teach him in about 5 hours? of course it wont be 5 hours straight but he wants me to teach him some useful stuff.

should i show him chords, or the notes up till each 3rd fret, and what they are called?

or should i go with showing him some easy songs.
i usualy teach something really simple to start with like a small tune on the high E or B string, and after they learn that i start with ''and this is an E this is an F...you do this you get a C'' etc
Teach him some very easy & familiar riffs

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Show him an easy song. That will keep his interest.
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buy Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book ONe. it will help get him and you started, and let him practice when your gone.
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teach him a super easy song or two. the most important thing is that he takes an interest at the start so if he is able to play something that should do it
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Teach him a power chord. He's set for life.

yea as soon as he knows power chords he can join pretty much any punk punk/rock
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Show him basic techniques like bends and hammerons and such, teach basic chords, and teach him how to read tabs, and maybe help him learn a song. That stuff is all fun, and he don't have to be overwhelmed with (for some) boring theory in the start. That can give him a wrong impression of the guitar! THEORY IS STUPID.

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wat i usually do is teach them a simple riff...then their like...whoa!...then i teach them how to play power chords, then i teach them how to read tablature. and then i tell them, get to work.

oh and if there's time or for the next lesson, i teach them excersises...then later how to use a metronome.
I'd show him a few basic easy chords and tell him how to learn new chords, give him a few simple riffs to start with, perhaps teach him a few simple classical songs. If he's up for it, teach him some basic techniques (so no sweep picking :P), and leave the theory for later. Who is ambitious learns the theory, because as it was said, starting with loads of theory, especially if that's his first instrument gives the totally wrong impression. So just tell him what fret to play, not what note.
save things like names of notes

teach him easy songs and a few chords like mostly major and Em, Am etc. and teach tab, that'll do for a while
but keep adding in techniques and insist upon aletrnate picking otherwise it harder later on
teach him how to tune it up, then find teach him some stuff that he likes listening to, given it's not too hard
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I would say, show him most of the regular chords like A, C, D, E, G, and on. But write them down for him, so he can practice without you. A few christmas carols are played only on the first two strings, perfect for a beginner.
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