I have been trying to start a band for a LONG time, but everyone around here is into punk stuff. Stuff that I grew out of a while back, and dont enjoy so much.

I want to do play something hard but not HARDCORE. Just like a mix of Breaking Benjamin/Senses Fail. Looking for someone who has a good voice but can somewhat scream well. Drummers, I just need a new one, I really only know of one around here and he is into punk music.

I live in the Rocky Mount area, but if you live outside of it and are interested let me know. I know of a few guitar players around here who may be interested but if you do play guitar and came into this thread let me know.

I can play guitar and somewhat do backup vocals (not amazing but I can do pretty good) Also, I am very close with another Christian band who is getting pretty popular around here (Crimson Refuge) in such they are playing shows with Farewell (very popular now). So getting shows with them would be no problem.

Let me know!