I'm in a spot of bother as to which I want to continue with.
Im a lefty by nature, but I decided to take up right handed guitar at 13, and after a few half arsed filrtations with th instrument I Finally feel ready (at 18) to get a little more dedicated.
As i never got far with the right hand, a few chords here and there, I wondered would it would be much of a help switching to my natural instincts and going lefty?
How much of a difference does everyone find it makes to play with your stronger hand?
Any advice would be great thanks!
you probably have better coordination with the left,since its the dominate hand of use,and most likely with more strength its better for picking,and it will feel more natural.
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I'm lefty but I picked righty.

A (much) larger variety of guitars at a cheaper price.

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i did that aswell and i gotta say it helps alot,you start to pick up things much better and more able to get into guitar!
well idf your struggling to improve with your rigt hand then switch to left. but if your comfortable with your right hand and your improving then why not stic kwith it? but if your only a little better with your right hand then do swtich because you will learn faster, but if your good then i wouldnt bother.
My dad is a lefty but when he was taught he was told he had to play righty. He says he wish eh switched as he can never be as good as he couldve been.
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Depends... I tried right and couldn't do it, tried left and I could. Unfortunately, left handed guitars are usually between 10% and 20% more expensive than their right handed twins, and 99% of the time they come in between a 1/3 and a 1/2 of the colour combos.

Depends if you want to fork out less money but possibly be less good at guitar.
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Thanks guys for the advice,
I think switching is a good idea, i just have a "feeling" I should. Don't want to continue and feel i could be better! Cheers
Well you can go left, it doesn't really matter except 1 thing.

Left handed guitars are usually more expensive, and there are less left handed guitar models then right handed. If this isn't a problem then stick with left handed guitar.

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I first started playing right handed

but this year I got a left handed bass and its easier for me but i can play both ways

I am left handed