Not sure if this is in the right forum but anyways

the pickup switch on my guitar is causing me problems, to get any sound out of my guitar i have to push the pickup selector up towards me. when playing, if my hand touches the switch, the sound cuts and i have to move the switch around to get sound back. Its obviously a loose connection, but seeing that I usually mess up with electronics stuff, can anyone guide me in solving this?
If you have a pickguard.. unscrew the pickguard..
if you see some of the screws around the switch are loose screw them back on.

Not a really hard problem

(sorry if i made a couple grammar mistakes , Im dutch )
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Grammers ok man

I dont have a pickguard, I'll have to unscrew a plate at the back of the guitar, havent had my guitar in a month though so cant remember what the inside looks like :P
Suppose ill just see if theres any screws inside that I can tighten.

BTW, its not loose as in moving between pickups, but as in towards the sky and the ground.