I finished a track recently entitled, "I Think Someone is Following Us..." and was looking for some feedback. This track is intended to be a transition track on my new demo/EP and will flow directly into the song after it on the album. Crit for crit let me know what you think!


Here's the link: www.myspace.com/scottfleschmusic

P.S. For some strange reason myspace lists the track's duration as 6:26 which is incorrect, it is only 3:12 long.
Sounds really good! Surprised you can get that sort of tone out of an epiphone special II. All I every was able ever to get was flub flub rattle crackle!
wow, that was really good. Especially loved the part in the middle when the wah wah effect ends and it goes back into the sustainy tone.
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This is sweet. The atmosphere to this track is greeeeeeeat. I can picture some one being followed by the CIA or something to this. To steal from Simple Jack I dub this "head movie" music.