My band has a very big problem getting together to jam. We all work fulltime, so that's hard. And the drummer works fulltime and goes to school fultime, when he's in school, of course. So we don't really find time to get together to play because the drumset is at his place, and his parents don't let us jam when they're home. Which is reasonable, I mean come on, it's their house. And he won't move his stuff to a practice space.

Me and the other guitarist both have a Line6 GuitarPort. So sometimes he and I will get together and "digitally jam", speakers and stuff. But the drummer does nothing, or isn't even there, no real point. But he had the idea of getting an electronic drumset, and if there's a way, hooking up the headphones for each of our equipment, and being able to hear everyone, through headphones.

I'm not too familiar with audio interfaces and splitters and Radio Shack stuff, but is that even possible?
i would imagine so- if you get yourself the right equipment

rather than outputting to three pairs of headphones (which might be a little harder to do), though, is there anything wrong with outputting through a pair of speakers and just not going /too/ loud?
www.ninjam.com. You could jam on there, it's usually pretty quiet so getting your own room probably wont be a problem
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