What was your favorite moment in your life that had to do with music like a band that changed your life? meeting people who share the same music taste as you? a gig that went amazing?

My favorite moment happened just a few days ago when me and my friend played at the school christmas concert. I was kinda nervous and I think my friend was a bit to, But as soon as I stepped on stage with the lights shining on us I changed, Everything Seemed like a blur but at the end I hit the last note on my bass and the song was over and the crowd cheered it was amazing.
yeah dude me and a couple friends played my school talent show last year and i was so nervous i could barely stand but when i strapped on my guitar everything got weird like i didnt even see people and it was a kool feeling when they started cheering at the end
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It was when I first started playing guitar...nothing will ever be more memorable
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I was in a really bad mood then I turned on some music and felt better. Though this has happened multiple times.
i played a solo to a samba piece i played with my guitar ensemble for the crowd watching us at the end of the semester holiday concert at my college. they really loved it.
Maybe when I was RATM live. Or GN'R. It was damn special.
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Getting 100% on my Grade 5 exam I did a fortnight ago
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When my sister's boyfriend gave me his first guitar, he then robbed it but I don't care.
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Hmm... Several really.
1# Choosing a first guitar. Tokai LoveRock. £350, would never sell it.
2# Seeing Metallica with the D in Dublin.
3# Learning to sweep. Feel so proud of myself.
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When I first started playing guitar
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Jamming with Billy Nershi of The String Cheese Incident.

Probaly jamming with Marco Benevento.
when i finally get a decent sounding amp that doesnt fizz out on me and i stop having all these technicall problems with my gear and when I finally get together a decent band who dont want to just mess around and slack off and play video games. (this has all yet to come)
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Gett my Jazz Piano Grades was pretty cool, was well chuffed, shame i gave it up
But playing a song a wrote on the final day of 6th form infront of everyone was nervous, amazing and arhousing at the same time. The guitar was a bit loud though and forgot to add some shred in it :P

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I was playing at a club, finished a song and my dad (who is a session guitarist) comes up and hands me a beer. I don't know why, but it felt so epic. It was like getting approval of a job well done from both a musician of 40 years who also happens to be your dad. It was a great feeling.
Probably when I went to my first real punk show, and realized that there are thousands of other kids just like me out there, and finding something we could all relate to.

Oh, and that time when Catch 22 pulled me on stage to sing Keasbey Nights at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Yeah, that was only a little bit EFFING AMAZING.
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^ That sounds well cool. Like my grandad after a game of rugby. *High 5 for epic family approval*

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I cut my tongue with a spoon.

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When I played EA .Skate for the first time, and was introduced to Children of Bodom. Thus, my life began.
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