So I've decided to stop university and take the year the off before starting again. But of course, I have to do something useful during this 'gap year' and I have don't have many ideas at the moment, so i'm asking the pit to help me out! I could work in a supermarket but wouldn't that be more of a summer job?
ps: i'm 17 and in belgium(brussels).
Don't worry my bro did this and went back and it was much better.

I would work anywhere man, work is work and will be what you make of it.
do you speak any languages? go abroard man i hopped on a flight to spain and got a job and a flat in a month, stayed a year... good fun.
I speak english and french fluently. My dutch and german are ****, but I understand well.
Travel the world and become a cultured man.
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i stayed home. boring as ****, but hey so was the rest of my life.
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I know some one who worked 5 months. travelled south america for 5 months and then worked another 5 months. that could be fun. good experience.

I know someone else who did an exchange, did the last year of high school sort of again in french (in beligium coincidentally... but he's from Vermont). He mostly just got drunk with all the other exchange students a few times a week. also sounds like fun.

I would say do something like travel or do an exchange because you get totally new experiences. I would recommend against just working and sitting at home. the year will pass by and you won't have any exceptional stories to show for it. See if you could do some sort of co-op placement maybe in a job you're reslly interested in, if you are staying home.
epic spelling fail

im pretty sure he meant fap year you guys

your gonna need ALOT of lube
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