Ok so I've been having probelms with recording multiple tracks with Audacity so I decided to give reaper a try. Reaper is working awesome I have no probelms doing anything except for try to convert my projects to mp3. I have the lame_enc.dll file which I use with audacity all the time but Reaper says I don't have it. Now I tryed reninstalling the Lame and it said I need to pick a program to open it with so I choose Reaper and then got an error message. Is there anything I can do to make this work? I really need to be able to convert files to Mp3 or this program is totally useless to me.
If I am not mistaken I had a similar issue. I somehow got to a window that asked me to locate the folder with lame_enc.dll in it. I think it appeared when i tried to export to mp3 the first time. Try the Reaper Wiki, maybe you will find something there
Why not just render/bounce the file to .wav then convert it using another program like itunes to convert it to .mp3?

Reaper dosent let me bounce straight to .mp3 either but its not really any hassle to just use another app to convert it.

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