so, i have the basic idea of sweeping down, but im having alot of trouble muting the strings after i play them, ive tried palm muting them, but that doesnt really help me for when im sweeping down. can someone help me out?
when you are sweeping down, you have to mute the strings with the fingers of the left hand.
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when you are sweeping down, you have to mute the strings with the fingers of the left hand.

oh yeah and that.
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you must mute with both hands, man. Palm mute near the bridge and use your fretting fingers to mute on the fretboard.
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don't palm mute the notes like you would in a riff or something, that's laame. just use your palm to keep the other strings quiet.
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Hrm... when I sweep pick, I keep my fingers in the shape of the chord, so if i'm play an fmaj (for the lulz) I'd keep all my fretting fingers resting on the strings and at the right frets so no sound comes from them beforehand and that i'm ready to play each note individually when the time comes.