Hi everyone
My 1st post.

I will buy new guitar gear. (guitar will be jackosn dk2m snow white)

and I need new amp / combo etc

but I want sound like Iron Maiden
you know what I mean I love this band and I play a lot of song (wickerman ,rime of the mariner ,hallowed, paschandla aces high ...)

I think about roland cube 30x . I will be play in block of flats/flat-building maybe latter in some garage with some band (hopefully soon)

Till this day I had stagg strat H-S-S ,Boss DS1 and fender frontman F15R .And I sold this and I want new equipment

So Can you help me choose some new amp which will be close to Iron Maiden sound.The price is about 5000 czech crowns,it is about 200 EU or 250 US ?

Thank you for your advice
Sorry for my "bad" english
maybe a peavey valveking 112

ow, sorry i did not see the price range, the cube 30 is one of the better ones for that price.
roland cube would be a good idea, definately
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Don't sweat it man, your English is better than some native speakers on here
The Cube 30 is definitely a good choice for that price range.
thanks for answers

but is something better or other option then roland cube 30x ?
and will be good to buy some overdrive like ibanez tube screamer ts9 (808) which use Adrian Smith ?

I will buy this guitar(jackson dk2m dinky) and I would like to have sound like on this video (I wrote the user on youtube what amp he had) hopefully he answer me