I've practiced Road Trippin of Red Hot Chili Peppers for about a month now with the use of the Guitar Pro tab from the website, I can play along with the song from start till end, sometimes a mistake at the breaks where I damp a string while it shouldn't be.
Anyhow, the only thing that I can't play is the sliding at 02:13 which is only shown as _slidings_ in the guitar pro tab, could anyone post the notes of that one?

Thank you in advance.

- Alvin, 16 year old finger picking enthusiast.
bump? I suppose someone is able to find out how it is done, I've tried to get it out of cover movies on youtube but without success...

Edit: I really need it, I want to fully master the song before the Christmas vacation to play it at school.
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what bit are you on about? There's a slide at 2.10 if that's what you are meaning. There's not a "slide part" if you mean like a glass slide when you say 'slide'

edit: holy **** the tabs for road tripping are crap. hhmmm i'll wait to find out what part you mean though.
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I mean the sliding at 02:13, exactly as I said in my first post, so it is indeed the sliding I'm talking about.
Plus, I had no idea that the tabs were crap!