First one.
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first. and you can always do stacked hum's, or just rout the cavity for humbuckers

I second the vote for the thinline body...you can go with whatever size PUs you want then, and get a pickguard custom made by warmoth or some such for whatever size PUs you want. doesn't cost much - maybe $28-35 depending on the material and color.

What are you thinking for PUs?

Been lusting after the SD P-Rails myself. Check those out. They fit in a humbucker rout, and give P-90, humbucking, and strat-ish sounds.
i vote for butt11.img mostly for the name + I hate the water looking paint job

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I'd say second but that's just because I hate quilted maple.
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The Second looks sexy!

And props for using Axesrus, total pleasure to do business with.
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