I hate making my first post on a forum a complaint, but my guitars strings are making an irritaiting sound, its like a vibration that rings out when the strings are struck, but it comes and goes. Ive replaced my strings numerous times and have consulted an "expert" at a guitar shop and he says its fine, but sods law...i get it home and it does it again...it also started again when i tuned my guitar to Drop C, i then tuned it back up to E but its stil doing it....any ideas?
Are you sure it's your strings? Fret buzz, maybe?
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check your action. or press really hard on the fret and strum. see if it happens. does it happen playin open? strumming too had maybe?
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it could have something to do with the accoustic value of the room you play in... could be a hoax, but I had it too, a friend of mine said it could be the room, so I switched rooms and the problem was gone...
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maybe your action (string height) is too low. You could try taking it in for a setup at a guitar store or maybe your just hitting your strings too hard. Hope that helps
maybe the saddle? i had a similar problem, and i filed my bridge a bit smoother and it helped. have you replaced the strings?
most likely fret buzz. raise the action a little bit. unless you like it low, the just ignore the buzz. its not affecting your playing is it?
It sounds like fret buzz to me. It could be due to action, or the truss might need adjusting. Just take it to a good tech.
it is DEFINITELY your truss rod. The truss rod adjusts the tension and the bow of the neck, that's why it goes out of tune when you tune down. Either google truss rod adjustment or go to a music shop and ask them to adjust your truss rod. it's really easy to do but you gotta know what you're doing.