My take on one of my favorite songs of all time!

It was my 1st real recording and its a bit rough, but I hope you guys like it! I'm not sure how to do the link, but its on my UG profile, so check it out!

Give it a listen and tell me what you think! Thanks!

Peace, Love, Rock!!
I really liked it, very soothing, I only listened to the original once, and this is very different (in a good way).
Your version is very cool, very different but great nontheless!!Can You tell me what scale did you use inthe song? it has a very nice feel!!!
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lol, I know this is gonna sound bad, but, I'm not sure what scale it was I used for the solos! The chords are simple though, Em and F#(at least I think thats what its called) for the verses, and Em, D, G, A, and F#(?) for the choruses

I'm on e of those I know my chords and scales, but I'm not quite sure what they are called kinda people lol
ur very good
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Nice. It's great to hear a good cover that sounds so different from the original.
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Sorry it took so long to post back, computor screwed up for awhile lol

Anywayz, I was playing my Dad's 1500 buck Martin electro acoustic (not sure of th emodel, but I will find out)

Thanks for all the support you guys, it means alot!!

Peace, Love, Rock