Hi everyone, I'd like to hear your suggestions for songs/tabs - I will start practicing on the blues, so I want something not very tricky!
wonderful tonight by eric clapton maybe?
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yeah I'm looking mostly for solos, great ideas so far guys, would love to hear even more!! thanks so much!
the solo on Sunshine of Your Love uses pentatonics, basically all you need for blues solos.
little wing by hendrix/vaughan, pride and joy or lenny by vaughan, i'm just getting into blues too and i've started off learning them.
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Can you tell us anything, so we can take you from there?

I don't have special preference, my only limitation is to be for beginners/intermediate players!

thanks so much everyone, I appreciate it!!
Its all about picking up Licks and Rhythm patterns with the Blues and making them your own.. "Just remeber anyone can play the blues. You gotta FEEL the Blues."
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SRV's Little Wing, Followed by Pride and Joy, Then Texas Flood, then Rude Mood.
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These threads are absolutely useless in this forum and in the blues forum unless you say what blues you like already. Can you tell us anything, so we can take you from there?

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It depends what blues you're into but on a whole:

The pentatonic scale.
Seriously though, most blues works become a lot easier if you learn this in and out, and a lot of blues becomes a lot easier if you don't take the tabs/notation too seriously, blues is less about how it sounds on record and more about expressing yourself.

Anyway, now that's over, I can't give you exact songs, you'll need to see which prick your ears up but, some artists may help you:

Rory Gallagher
Muddy Waters
Johnny Winters
Robert Johnson
BB King
Freddie King
John Lee Hooker
The oblilgatory SRV and Hendrix
The list is pretty much endless.

But a few songs I'd suggest:
Red house - Hendirx, gets a lot of the dorian mode used pretty well
Dirty Pool - SRV, just gives a very good bluesy feel
Million MIles Away - Rory Gallagher, it's not blues as it is in, say an SRV song, it's pretty different in ways, the Irish Tour '74 version is top.
It's happened before it'll happen again - Tast, if you get this song down well I'll gladly praise you, it's leaning towards Jazz though.
Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker, nice and simple, straight up blues.
Tore Down - Freddie King, once again, straight up blues, some good stuff.

Anyway I could ramble on all night, but i'll leave it here.
cocain solo by eric clapton....van halen learned on crossroads live solo by clapton
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You should try some Pink Floyd material; the solos are really nice, easy, and bluesy too.


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AC/DC is revved up blues, have a look at Angus Youngs licks and they should give you some great starting points, especially the earlier stuff