(Underlined means that I'm not fully content with the part; suggestions for improvement on those lines would be great)

Silence the Night

The sleepless city wrestles
with the moon’s lullaby;
not a single star in the sky

The streets are rendered drowsy,
this city will sleep tonight;
velvet pavements and leather tyres

Pre Chorus
Paint this city pale,
if the silence does prevail
and leave behind the residue of night

When the stars decide to stop hiding,
then I will silence the night;
when the time has ripened, I will stop biding
and I will silence the night

The lights will dim by minute,
curtains will close by hour;
silence will come down like a shower

The noiseless sound of engines
will echo on through the night;
cotton roadways and plastic cars


When the streets are still,
surrender all you’ve got to me

Pre Chorus


This is about the process of songwriting and all the distractions that are encountered. These actually are my first finished song lyrics; helpful crits will be returned.