Hey everyone, I've been struggling with getting a tone that I'm happy with out of my current setup. I'm shooting for a solid metal rhythm(iron maiden, 7th son), while being able to go into solos ex(Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, 7th son). So far my tone sounds like **** to be honest. If anyone could suggest some different setups maybe, setting and maybe a few more pedals that could help me achieve the tone i want?

Guitars: Johnson Super strat, Epiphone Les Paul, Ibanez RG370dxl.
: Mesa Boogie Single Rectoverb(has Reverb, Presence, Mids, Bass, Treble, Gain. With a Clean/pushed Channel and Pushed/Vintage/Modern Channels.
Pedals: Boss DD-7, Ibanez TS9, ISP Noise decimator, Digitech RP80.