As the thread title reads, I haven't honestly practiced electric guitar since june this year (amount of work/illness), and now I've found some time to play guitar. This is where I find my problem: I pick up the guitar, and find myself unable to play even the most simple power chord riffs cleanly...

does anyone know how long it's gonna take me to recover my guitar abilities (I used to be a rate lil shredder haha) and Im getting quite infuriated... so does anyone know any quicker ways to recovering my prowess?
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When I came home from my 10 day holiday in Italy, I played for 9 hours to get back on track.

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play scales up and down til your fingers gain their coordination back
it will come back in a month or so.

^ but as the guy above said.......get the the coffee on!

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keep playing. but remember. if your fingers start bleeding or you foam at the mouth, your doing it wrong. but no worries. youll be fine.
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run through your old licks slowly and your fingers will regain their coordination. This break might have been good for you. Some processes will have gone through your brain that will make you a more efficient guitar player(without you realizing it)

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