So I play an epiphone les paul custom and it has an awesome tone! But, when I try to play clean tones the lower notes sound really muffled, like a guitar equivalent of a pop in a mic by a vocalist. It was never really a problem until I started playing out and realized that clean tones are very important in the songs I play in my band. It is especially bad when the amp is turned up and I don't like turning down the volume on my guitar because when I hit the distortion pedal my distortion tone is not up to par. I'm thinking what I am experiencing is bad stock pick ups... Can someone confirm this for me because I'd like to fix this and am thinking about putting in seymour duncans... I play in a classic rock/ modern rock fusion type of band... Hopefully you guys have some more insight than I do. Thanks!
it might be your amp.. what amp do you have?
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your pickups are cheap. More expensive pickups Seymour Duncans wouldn't have this problem. Just be sure to have a certified guitar technician install them if you've never done it before.
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its not my amp because it did they same thing on my old amp because i thought about that and checked it out
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its not my amp because it did they same thing on my old amp because i thought about that and checked it out

So what amp do you have now and what amp did you have previously? Also, does it happen on both pickups or just one? Is the neck worse than the bridge?

While Epiphones don't have the greatest pickups around they're by no means bad, and since your problems are specifically with a clean sound and not a distorted one I'd definitely say it's an amp issue and not a guitar one.

What you're describing sounds like tube breakup on a low wattage amp (or you're just playing incredibly loud). If this is the case then your only real options are to play quieter, or to try dropping some mids/bass from your EQ.

But nobodies going to be able to give you any real answer until we've got an idea of what you're playing through.
currently i play through a marshall mg 30 fx and my old amp was a super cheap squier that came with my old starter pack... i've played my buddies explorer through the amp though and it didn't have the same problem. I have been able to eliminate it though by lifting the action but it is so uncomfortable to play with the action that high that I need to do something about it. Because lifting the action helps, I figured it was a pick up issue... I'm pretty satisfied with my amp for now, obviously an upgrade is needed eventually but for my purposes of playing small clubs and bars it works fine. Again, I hope its my pickups though because that is something that would be easier and more affordable to fix.