so finally got a new one out, after about 2 months haha

this is pretty much very very btbam influnced, and written backwards to the way it was originally thought up so its a very awkward song
and its still only the rough draft so transitions are very much in the work as is the full building up [strings synth ect.]

c4c =p
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Alright, awkward is a very good word to describe this, the transitions just don't feel very natural, but there is some real neat concepts during transitions (Bar 8), but what happens at bar 9 is that it seems to just wander off into crazyland and loses its previous juicyness. Around bar 46 things get really chaotic sounding, the solo guitar sort of wavers in between being in key and out, or its jazz influenced (<--joke). Bar 81 is probably my favorite part of the song, it works out swell, but something about your rhythm guitar and you string ensemble is very dissonant, maybe work on that a bit.

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