congrats man... ive really wanted to try that thing out.

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Sweet, I've been waiting for someone to get one. How do you like it?
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clips plox!!!

i want one so badly, but they don't appear to have hit our shores just yet.
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Nice! How is it? Clips!
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Is that a Big Muff on top of a Vox AC15?

Ahaha, I use the same gear as you!

Anyweyz, what is this new magical leprechaun-flavoured Big Muff I see?
Ok, Tonefactor's clip gives a good demo of what this pedal can do. Though, in person, there are more highs.

So far, I have only used my Strat and AC15. I a/b'ed it with my NYC Muff and they are the same.

EHX has done a pretty good job in describing what the two features are:

Taking the tone knob out of the pathway, really gives it some bite. I compare it to, putting a clean boost after my NYC Muff.

When the Wicker is turned on, while the tone knob is functioning, adds more highs. If you have your tone knob set high, there is some background noise. You get some hissing, when not playing. I compare this with, running a treble boost into my NYC Muff.

When the Wicker is turned on and the Tone is taken out, you get that raw, crunchy distortion/fuzz(depending where the sustain knob is set). Once again, you get background noise. It is more pronounced than before.

This is not a negative review in any way. I don't know of any distortion/fuzz pedal that is not noisy, when the treble and distortion are set high. If you like the NYC Big Muff, then you will love this pedal. Does everything, plus more. If you are in the market for a Big Muff, definitely get the Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker.

My only negative comment is this. I do not like where the two switches are located. When I go to turn the pedal on or off, I worry about hitting the toggle switches. I know it is a tiny case, but I think they should have put the switches elsewhere. Maybe even used stomp switches over toggle switches.

I would give it a 4 out of a 5.

I still need to play it some more though. I'll try different guitars and amps. We'll see how, what I just wrote, holds up.
Idk I really do NOT like the tone from the muffs. Its too wet for my taste. Personal opinion though.
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So do you like how it sounds through the AC15? I've had this Muff and a Fulltone OCD on my wish list for awhile.
Quote by Miss G
So do you like how it sounds through the AC15? I've had this Muff and a Fulltone OCD on my wish list for awhile.

I have both of those pedals. I like the Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker. I LOVE the OCD. Two different beasts though. Both sound good through the AC15.

If I could only choose one of them. Easily, by far, the OCD.

These pedals, actually, stack very nice with each other.

Miss G, you have a pm. The pedals I talked about, all go nicely with the AC15.
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