I'm not sure if this is even the place to be discussing this, but can anyone recommend a decent pick-up for a Kontrabass 111 BR (set up for jazz).

I'm part of an alternative band, and there are influences from noise rock to funk.
Now obviously for the heavier songs I would be using a standard electric, and switching basses for different songs.

Also, can the double bass be played alright through a standard bass amp? (ashdown mag 300) I don't see any reason why it wouldn't, but just in case.
Well... it won't sound the same.

Mic' it up through the PA system.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
I have no idea but try find something that doesnt clour the tone. Just makes the signal.
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Double basses are awesomely hard to mic up correctly though.

You know what's harder? To find a decent sound with an upright through an amp. But if you're set on finding a pickup both fishman and the realist are good pickups.
^ it is very hard i'll give you that but not impossible and nowhere near as hard to do as mic-ing them up.

What you need is a feedback buster. I use long socks that are stuffed with other socks and i throw them in the F-holes. Now a 4x10 is not gonna be the greatest amp to play through, you really need a 1x15 for the lows that you're gonna need to EQ. As a general guide i cut highs and mids and boost lows on my double which has bug pickups. An EQ pedal or preamp is preferable too.
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I'm going to attempt using the EQ settings on the amp for my regular bass, and then when I switch to the upright I can put it through an EQ pedal to even it out a bit.

If that doesn't work I'll look a little further into mic'ing it up.