Hi, I saw this add http://www.gitaarmarkt.nl/index.php?ct=elecgit&md=details&id=99713 of a 90's Hamer Centaura.
and I'm wondering if you guys think it is a good guitar for the money (€450). It comes with a hardshell case. In the add it sais that the floyd rose needs to be adjusted. I mailed the guy and he sais that the guitars sometimes goes slightly out of tune after heavy use, but that adjusting the floyd a bit would solve this. However, what I've read tells me that I would at least have to replace some parts of the floyd to get this fixed. The add sais that the floyd is a new Shaller, which should be good quality. Now I'm wondering if some adjustments could indeed fix it, and if not, how much money some new parts for the floyd would cost me. I guess it would still be a good deal. Also, is there some way to check out how good the condition of the floyd is when I go and test it? Thanks for any reactions
I know for a fact that even though hamers are not well known, they are amazing instruments, but the ones made in china- slammer, xt series, etc- are horrible. They are just horrible in every aspect, finish, electronics, body, everything. I see that the one you are looking at is a usa, to be honest, im seriously interested in buying that exact one, now that you showed it to me , haha i'll let you have that one though, but let me know if you decide not to get it
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Haha, beat you to it! I'll let you know if I don't get it, but now I think I will. Thanks for the info. Anyone has any comments about the floyd?
I would help you with the floyd, but I have no experience with them. And i'll let you have that one, im looking for a hamer explorer anyway, but that one seems nice to, just a bit beat up, may need to refinish it
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You think so? I like the finish, it looks like it was forged by dwarven blacksmiths or something and I don't see any damage in the pics.
Hamer makes some dam fine guitars. I have an older Hamer Flying V that is an amazing guitar right up there with a lot of the Gibson Vs I have owned. I would say Hamer's are probably one of the most underrated guitars made in the US.

It looks and sounds like a decent deal I am not a fan of single coil pups but I never actually tried any EMGs like that. I am pretty sure that is the finish and it's not wear and tear just a bad pic.

They make an Explorer copy that matches my V I am dying to get a hold of they call it a Standard Custom (GSTC).

I pretty sure Hamer's USA series are made here in New England, CT if I am not mistaken. Not sure if they were made here back then.

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You think so? I like the finish, it looks like it was forged by dwarven blacksmiths or something and I don't see any damage in the pics.

I don't see that much damage either, i just don't like the finish, i don't like finishes that are supposed to look damged
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Hamer's are awesome, GET IT
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i just don't like the finish, i don't like finishes that are supposed to look damged

I thought the worn look had gotten trendy the last few years, but Hamer was already doing it in the early ninetees it seems they are awesome
It depends if its a real floyd or a licensed floyd. I would say buy it take it into a good shop and get it setup anyway eg: your tuning, action, string gauge. once its set up right the first time its cake to restring,tune granted you do your research on how to. worst case you have to replace the bridge but that still makes that axe worth it. only down side i see is the cutouts for the pups. Should you ever need to change them out you may need to route the holes, much like this one ibanez model.
It's a Shaller, which is not quite an OFR, but it should still be really very decent. I already have a guitar with a (crappy, Edge III) tremolo, so I know how to tune and restring it. I think I will leave the EMGs in there, although I might mod it to 18V.
I have a Centura and I can say with no restraint they are very high quality guitars.

The fit and finish is leaps and bounds above most.
Hamer, Dean, B.C. Rich, Jackson, and others all used to make high quality handmade guitars back in the 80's. Since then all of these companies have been bought out and don't produce the same intruments that got them on the map. Each company has it's pitfalls and their highlights, but be warned there are some bad guitars in their lines.

I'm not saying this is a bad guitar (Hamer made some great stuff!), but be careful when you see that name on a guitar. The best instruments they made were the Standard Series (Looks like a Dean Z, Explorer). Also I don't know if those EMGS are original or not. Was EMG founded in the early 90's?
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EMG has been around since the 60's if my memory serves me. Early adopters were jazz musicians, and probably the earliest adopter that gains recognition is David Gilmour. Sometime in the 80's after Metallica started to gain notoriety they started using EMGs, other metal musicians took notice of the clarity provided by the active pickup system and what they sound like heavily overdriven. The rest is sort of the norm now, if you want to play heavily distorted metal, a set of EMGs will do you fine.

Just don't expect a lot in the way of cleans.
I don't see any reason why that guitar would suck. EMG's, a floyd rose, looks a bit beaten up but i think that looks cool. BUY IT.
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it looks awsome. one thing though, is it just me or does the neck look thick as FOOK?
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is it just me or does the neck look thick as FOOK?

It does LOOK thick, but I think it's just the perspective and the lighting.
Here is another centaura from a good perspective:

Doesn't look thick to me. Well, I'll notice it soon enough when I play it.
Yeah hamer makes some pretty nice guitars id go for it looks nice
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