Basically, my girlfriend had Cancer, shes had chemotherapy since and now shes fine except for some pains from where her tuma was, but shes been in the clear for almost 2 years now, and this all happened before i rly knew her. Last night, she met up with a lot of people she met whilst she was in Hospital, who she has been keeping in touch with ever since. She just found out today that one of her best friends who she knew had a relapse has only got a maximum of 4 months left to live, and obviously she is extremely upset. A similar thing happened to my dad about a year ago, the doctors told us that he had just a few months left, but after just two weeks he had an operation that was his last hope, and it saved his life, he is now cured and back to normal, and you would never know that anything was ever wrong. I have tried to comfort her by telling her this story, with the desired effect being that it would fill her with hope and explaining that her friend has a good chance of being fine. But it turns out her friend has even stopped going to hospital because there is no cure known for her cancer, especially as severe as hers. Tomorow i am going round my girlfriends house to keep her company as she is extremely upset, but i am completely out of ideas of what to say to her, i am useless in these kind of situations, other than just being a shoulder to cry on, what can i say that could possibly cheer her up, obvioulsy i wont bring up the subject but if it comes up im gonna be absolutely stuck for words.
Sorry for the wall of text, but i rly need help.

Ive tried asking in the relationship thread but theres been no reply so im gonna try here cos im on a short deadline :P
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Tell her that you'll be there for her whenever she needs someone. Tell her to make sure she supports her friend through it all and to be there for her friend no matter what. Other than that, listen to her. She doesn't want advice, she needs comfort.
Sometimes it's best not to say anything.
Just hold her, and be there.
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Sometimes it's best not to say anything.
Just hold her, and be there.

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thanks guys, im pretty sure i got the message, its helped a lot thanks
except the rape guy, your a dickhead.
but i couldnt of expected much else from the pit, so i forgive you :P
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Not to be a dick, but please ****ing leave.
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when you say you're not good for this situation, i believe, no one is...

i'm sorry for your situation... but i don't think i can help you... and most important, you can be there, but it is quite impossible to cheer up someone when she is through that situation.

by the way, i think tou're pretty noble for the way you're trying to help you're girl, so cheer up!
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As someone already said, just be there for her and whatnot, and promise you won't ever leave [well rationally anyways]
but yeah, try making something too, like a CD or a card or maybe flowers.
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Not to be a dick, but please ****ing leave.

I agree with this person
This works for almost any situation....

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Visit her everyday until she hopefully gets out if she makes it somehow.
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Yeah man, the entire thread basically concurs. You cant say things will be fine, because its fact she is not going to get better, so really all you can do is just be there with her. Although i would perhaps hint that rather than grieving before she dies, she should remember her friends life, and spend as much time with this friend as she can before she passes.

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