So my grilfriend just pwned me. We were sitting in my dorm room watching Die Hard 4 and we have finals next week so she said she was going to study while we watched it. But she wasn't really studying so I was like

"Shouldn't you be studying right now?"

and she turned around and was like:

"Do you want me to grab your testicles?"

I found this amusing and thought I'd share the experience.
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I dont give a damn

When the bell rang to change classes at school, I walked into the hallway and yelled, "I MASTURBATE TO DUCK SEX" and started imitating a duck having sex.

I don't get how your girlfriend asking whether you'd like her to grab your testicles is... anything at all. :S
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Carmel is hawt

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Have to give you props that the funniest post I read in a while
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