Ok, well, some of you know ive been fretting and stewing about what guitar to get for the past 2 weeks or so, and i finally got one.

I got the Masterworks Alvarez MD 60 Dreadnought guitar from Craigslist. The only physical mark-up on it is some nitches in the back end of the headstock, and some strange mark by the soundhole resembling wear on the finish, i hope it comes off.

The guy told me it was "cedar matte" finish for people who havent seen the pix. He hasn't replaced the strigns since he bought it, and they still look relatively new.

It came with a hard-case that has a lock and a few scratches on the top.

The thing i love is how "booming" and pronounced the E, A, and D three string are, and in fingerpicking, it sounds awesome.

All for 325???

The finish looks relatively good and the sound is easily the best sound out of all of my guitars. Epic win. =0]


Here's the link if you missed it, i dont know how much longer the page will exist though.

Epic Fail

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There wasn't a point. Just a stupid pit monkey who invaded the acoustic forum.

Looks beautiful dude! I wish I could find a deal like that where I live. People in Wichita are lame
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I like the look. Simple and straight forward. Just the way I like it.

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Epic Fail

You Stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks!!!
You Get Nothing!!!
Good Day, Sir!

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