Hey UG's

just andering what some of the best guitar and piano songs to play together are??
If you have names, please tell me.
Name of song and rtist as well

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ook, my top 3...


1- let it be- beatles
2. imagine- john lennon
3. sams town, abbey road version the killers


1. cliffs of dover eric johnson
2. little wing- jimi jendrix
3. times are a changin bob dylan
November Rain by GnR
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Id say bohemian rhapsody or anything by queen really.. if you have a patient gutiarist
a good piano song? Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse. But that might be a bit difficult, but I don't play piano really, so i wouldn't know.

Perhaps Layla By Derek and the Dominos (basically Eric Clapton)?

Maybe Starlight by Muse for a more mellow song? If you ask me for piano/guitar songs, i'll probably end up saying a bunch of songs by muse.
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linkin park - what i've done, in the end, numb, my december
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