Up for sale are the pickups currently in my les paul, i'll send them already hooked up as they are for les paul, will come with everything, the pots, the jack e.t.c.

Since they come with all this i'm looking for £110 for them.
Any takers?

As far as trades go, i'm looking for a set of passives, ideally some Seymour Duncan Jb/Jazz ones.

Thanks all
What colour passives are you after? I have a zebra Jazz I'd trade plus cash if you're interested...

Priority to guy above me though if he gets his link fixed!
i'm looking for a set really mate... If the cash is enough to buy a JB then yeah thats great! lol
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Says no thread specified.... What is it? lol.
Fix the link

it's the sh-6 and fred combo in gear ads.