I was looking at the two of these great pedals and i was wondering, what are the major differences?

They say that the TS9 is made at the original factory the original way so i can't find what any difference would be on it other than maybe the switch.
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Neither. If you can afford the TS808 reissue, you can go botique. The Fulltone FD2 Mosfet can do Tubescreamer sounds, clean boost and an overdrive with flatter mids. Sounds absolutly amazing. Tubescreamers are overrated anyway
The TS808 is vintage sounding, and the TS-9 a bit more modern.
But as was already said, the TS808 is a bit of a ripoff, and if you are going into that range a Fulltone would be a better choice.
If you are looking for the 808 sound for less, you can always check out the BBE Green Screamer, I believe its more or less an 808 clone but it's the price of a TS-9.



Check into Maxon as well.

Maxon was the original manufacturer for Ibanez when the original Tubescreamers were made. If you want to buy new and want the real thing, you want a Maxon.

Otherwise, Fulltone, as said, make great pedals as do BBE and plenty of other companies. My suggestion to you would be to go try out as many as you can and then decide which is the best for you.
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