Hey everyone, hope all is good.

Ive been playing now for about 2 years and im ordering my first tube amp on monday

Im ordering a Peavey Valveking 212 and im going to put 2 v30's in it in spring. And after i hope to saving straight away for a new guitar. A Dean From Hell of coarse. And as far as pedals go il probably get a cry baby and a tubescreamer.

well thats the set-up i hope to have this time next year.

I play alot of black label society, pantera, megadeth, metallica, trivium, slayer, buckerhead, satriani, vai, and soft rock, i try to cover a lot of tones so that im not a one trick horse.

Do you guys think that it will suit my style??

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Wouldn't a similarily priced bugera be better for metal rather than a valveking?

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All depends on whom you talk to. Some like the VK and others hate it. I guess it must be a Peavey thing - they wouldn't understand. I've got the VK112 and love it. Of course, it suits my style of music - mostly classic rock, country, pop and some jazz. An amp is a lot like anything else: If you can try it first, you'll instantly know if it fits your style or not. The same is true for a guitar or anything else that might flavor your sound. I also own an expensive Mesa and split my time between the 2 almost 50/50. For a production amp, you can't beat the VK.