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My band just got 1" buttons done up. We paid 70 dollars to get 250 of them. Now, I've never actually bought buttons at a live show--what do you usually pay/sell them for? We were thinking 1.50 a piece. I've paid 2.00 to get them from local retailers and 1.50 seemed like a good "pocket change" figure to base it on.
Man thats a good idea to more than double your money. Umm Im not really a button buyer but i could see paying $1.50 or so. What Id do is try selling them for $2 and see how much product you move. Then based on the numbers you may have to sell for less.
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sell em for a dollar....
youd make 250 if you sell all of them.
thats over 400% profit!!!!!!!!! whoo!!!!!
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I thought it said $700 for 250 and I thought 'what an idiot'

I need to sleep
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I'd say give 'em out for free to anyone that wants em, just get the name out there. I mean, who wouldn't want a free button? (I definitely would want one)
But if you're going to charge, I'd say about half a dollar to a dollar.
i def. say a dollar itd be easy and simple and nck sprks i would say give stickers away not buttons charge like a dollar for buttons even though im not sure how many your gonna sell ive personally never saw the point in buying a button, posters cds tshirts bandanas (ive actually seen this one time thought it was a pretty badass idea) yea but i dont buy buttons but hell every band ive seen was selling them so somone has to be buying them
Id sell half of them after you play and when ur up there between songs throw them into the crowd
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sell em for a dollar....
youd make 250 if you sell all of them.
thats over 400% profit!!!!!!!!! whoo!!!!!

No it isn't :S It's less than 400% profit
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Don't do things like 1.50. People don't want to deal with change. I'd sell them for either a dollar or a quarter.
Sell them for $1.00
I've seen combos where T-Shirts are $15.00, CD's are $10.00 but if you buy them together it's only $20.00 and you get a free button/sticker.
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^this is what i would recommend. maybe at a stretch sell them at cost price or just below. you shouldn't really expect to make money on badges.
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