im looking for simple songs that are easy to play and are well known any pointers?

i do play alot of three days grace, attempt a7x, and know the extreem easy like smoke on the water and iron man but trying to find more easy songs that i can play whole song through
Killing in the name of was a really good one for me as a first, or show me how to live by audioslave, ya eventually then I got into a7x and learned alot of their songs, if there solos seem hard, just keep practicing them atleast an hour a day, took me like 2 weeks or a month to really do the afterlife solo well, ya ive only been playing like a year in few months but don't try to hard of stuff. Some others i learned early were are you gonna be my girl by jet, unholy confessions by a7x, anything linkin park is easy, and ya three days grace is good too
edit: exo-politcs by muse was like my first solo too so thats a good one
Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold is pretty freaking easy...

Master Of Puppets - Metallica is fairly easy 'cept for the second solo and bridge, but a lil practice will get you a long way.

Kill the King - Megadeth, easiest riff EVER....
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