Ok im just interested in making these certain effects on guitar.

Like that one noise jimmy page does in the solo of in the ocean here u can c it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoCzW9nvHXQ it sounds like a someones whistling woot woo idk if that helps =P

and the chainsaw sounds i forgot where i heard this but it was kool as hell if any1 knows lemme kno
sounds like a wah wah for the woot woo, chainsaw sound you can get with distortion and a tremolo can't you?

edit: tremolo as in whammy bar
The Sexy Woman Walkin By Noise Is Made By Sliding up very fast rather large distances on a high string then stoping the vibration and sliding back slightly slower than when you slid upwards.
Think [--2//14---14/2--]
Using a Wah Effect with this makes the effect much more appealing.

The Chain saw noise is a Floating Tremelo effect.
Essentialy you hold the bar to the body, use the fretting hand to pull off the lowest 2 strings and then use the bar to make the sound of the engine attempting to start.
To do this you slowly loosen your push then quikly push it back to the body.
When you want the engine to start simply let the bar go slowly and thats all there really is to it.
Bassy distortion is recomended.
This noise basicly lets the audience know not to let their kids infront of your driveway.
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Ask Herman Ri.

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