I have a question for people who have gigging experience.

Before you played your first gig, did you think you were going to go up on stage with no problem? Were you thinking that you were ganna move around and make nice contact with the crowd? Did you think you were going to feel nervous or mess up? Was it true?

My overall question -- were your predictions of your first gig true?

I'm feeling confident about playing my first show, but there's this feeling in the back of my head saying that I might just go up and leave all of my optimism back-stage


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mine when interesting, i was a little nervous but it went away once we started playing, and after the 2nd song i was loosened up enough to move. basically you never know whats gonna happen, just go on play and hope for the best
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No. I didn't have that mindset. I was nervous, and like any rookie, was kinda stiff on stage.
just do your thing man, pretend the audience is a bunch of hookers bent over in front of you, just don't get a stiffy on stage. well, unless you got tight jeans...

but seriously, just do what you do with your band at rehearsals. play your heart out, and have fun. why be in a boring band?
First few songs, I felt stiff as a bored, just looking at my guitar. Although towards the last few, I really loosened up.
A buddy of mine just played his first gig. He said he was wicked nervous before but it all went away when he got out there. Id be so nervous, i freeze up playing for family & friends. How long you been playing for?
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didnt have great expectations, how could you....just dont let yourself get nervous, just tell yourself you have no choice but to relax and have fun....also a few drinks helped me...no way did we play perfect, had tuning problems, broke string made mistakes but people still had a great time
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At my first gig. I was horribly nervous the days before. I thought I was going to do terribly.

On that day though I did fine, but the other 2 guitarists (I was filling in bass and singing) had horrible nerves and pretty much ruined the show. That actually happened my first 2 shows. So, the drummer and I left and started our own band with people who could perform.
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I haven't gigged yet, but I do have a tip.

If you make a mistake, just go with the flow and just move on to the notes that came after that mistake. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, if you watch a live performance or a video of one or a cover on youtube, you will most likely find at least one mistake from the person playing.
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I had a bit of the jitters, but it all went away after the first song. People will cheer you on even if they don't like you all that much, haha. Especially if a lot of your friends are at the show. Hearing the clapping and cheering boosts your confidence and you're set for the rest of the night.

It's WAY easier after that first one. Just start singing/playing for your friends at party's and stuff and it won't take much to get used to a crowd at a venue.
I was nervous of course, but it was mixed with excitement. Just rely on your practice, cuz when you get on stage everything is second nature. If youre comfortable with your part then youll have no problem jammin and enjoyin yourself.
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If you need inspiration, watch Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny and watch JB and KG play "live." Just go up there like them.

And by the way, if you get a bra thrown at your face, don't let it distract your playing.
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When you date a vegetarian, you're the only meat they'll ever eat.
uhh I was drunk and I got a call from a buddy that he needed a guy to fill in on bass (he recorded about ten or eleven artists in his basement so we all used to chill there, so I knew most of the songs they were gonna play). Anyway we ended up playing a forty minute version of OAR's crazy game of poker, and around halfway through I realized I was playing in front of people. It was like backwards cause i was real chill at first and then real nervous for about three minutes.

And yeah even I knew forty minutes was a bit much for that song, though we threw a jack johnson medley in the middle.
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well... I feel out of place right now
I had absolutely no nervousness whatsoever.... which is actually highly irregular
I was so freaking eager to just get up on stage and rip,
It's really common for you to be scared.
Just don't give a **** what people think and have a good time, and play loud and in their faces. Go for it.
ive played sports all my life i was a pitcher in baseball qb in football and for the few years i played basketball i was the point guard so i was used to being in front of people so while i was nervous it wasnt too bad for me. i guess im just cocky enough to get by cause i went in with the same mindset you described and id be damned before i didnt follow through with it, however like everyone said when we got on stage right before we started playing i was unbelievably nervous but it went away as soon as the first note was struck
Well, my first proper gig (ie. not a talent show/open mic thing) I wasn't nervous at all, thought I was king****. It was all good until I recieved criticism from quite a few people saying that I was crap, solos went too long, self-indulgent and all that stuff. I know now that all that was true, I wasn't playing to entertain the audience, or to make the song better, I was on a big wanking trip of my own. It was probably a gig that shaped who I am as a guitarist now. That said, it was a bit of an ego bash, and did affect the next couple of gigs.

For my first larger gig (200+ people), around 2 weeks after I was told that I'm crap, I was sooo nervous, and just wanted to play well, with the view of improving the music. It went well, however a very experienced muso came up to me afterwards and said I played well, but I have to "be the lead guitarist". Quite honestly I didn't know what he was talking about until many years later. That was also a great piece of advice, even though it seemed to clash with the new anti-guitar-wanking ideals I now held.

I have no idea how many gigs I've played now, some I'm satisfied with, others I've learnt from. Gigging is a learning experience for sure, you should never be too confident, but should be focussed, you should never be nervous, but be able to ride the adrenaline rush that hits when you play a song just perfect, and you feel it inside you.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I was like.. "****, i'm gonna **** this up!".. but it went pretty well.. Not great, but no real problems. An alright gig:P Of course back then it was FANTASTIC!

yeah it is a nerve racking expierience and 5 mins b4 u go up ull probably be ****tin yaself royally, but dont worry, soon as u get up on that stage and u start playin, all fear vanishes and all focus is on your music being ure 1st gig, keep at it and u start 2 4get bout wot ure even playin and lose ureself in the music, good luck dude
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well... I feel out of place right now
I had absolutely no nervousness whatsoever.... which is actually highly irregular
I was so freaking eager to just get up on stage and rip,
It's really common for you to be scared.
Just don't give a **** what people think and have a good time, and play loud and in their faces. Go for it.

+1 bro, and my bandmates were getting ****ty with me because they were real ****ing nervous.
depends which first gig your talking about, first one as a guitra player i was a nervous wreck, so stiff and all this, played terrible but i learned quite a few lessons that day.

my first gig not as a guitar player but as a vocalist. (a week ago) i was shiotting my pants before going on stage, but then i started of by getting the crowd into it and doing quite a good job getting the crowd hyped that when we did start playing we were feeding of the crowds energy, it was quite wierd. funny thing is i don't even remember a lot of the stuff we did on stage, its a blank in my mind. but i got alot of positive feedback and it went very well.
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I was fine, I was mostly worried about out singer. about 20 minutes before we went up I got nervous, then I got up there and I wasn't really nervous, but it was such an overload that my hands were shaking like crazy. by the 3rd song I was feeling good though, moving around a little (we didn't have much room) etc. the only screwups were our singer forgetting the lyrics to For Whom The Bell Tolls and I started soloing too soon on our original so we had to cut out a verse. other than that it was great. we had one drunk dude offering us twenty bucks to play one more song, but we didn't really have any more we were confident enough in playing and we didn't want to play anything a second time because it was only a 9 song set.
Well my first gig with my band I was nervous going up cause it was my first gig as vocalist and front man. I was nervous my first song but then I kinda just went with it.It went by really fast.As in I didn't feel like I was in front of a crowd for most of it.You may be saying "hey that must have been good" but it wasn't cause I only really talked to the crowd once or twice and I didn't connect with them much. Plus back then I didn't really move when playing at band practice so I was robotic on stage too. But now I feel that I'm a lot looser and expressive in my singing and playing so my next gig(My first big one)will hopefully go well.