I am looking at getting an Agile Valkyrie, but when I get it I would like to do a coil split mod. I wasn't sure if they came with 4 wires or not, so I was wondering if it would be a waste of time to do anything with the stock pickups. Also, I was looking around and found the GFS website. Both the Dream 180s and the Vintage 59s caught my eye. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with those pickups. The Vintage 59s advertise that they have 4 wires for coil tapping, but the Dream 180s do not say anything about it. Do the Dream 180s have 4 wires as well?
the pickups that came in my agile septor 7 had 4 conductor pickups and was already equipped with a coil splitter via a push/pull tone knob.
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I have an Agile PS-900 and I set a coil-splittable Vintage '59 in the neck a few months ago, sounds a million times better than the stock IMO. Not sure about how the Valkyrie's stock pickups are though. I think the Dream 180s have 4 wires, but I'd definitely e-mail them to be sure, they're usually pretty helpful.
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Thanks for the help. I figured the stock pickups were not going to be anything special. So between the 59s and the 180s which ones would you guys suggest?
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Anyone else have experience with GFS pickups? I know they are not the greatest things ever, I am just looking for something better than stock.