Poll: What subject do you find easier to write about
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View poll results: What subject do you find easier to write about
5 10%
3 6%
Darkness/Bad Moments
26 51%
Heaven/Happy Moments
1 2%
Recent Events/ Past Events
3 6%
13 25%
Voters: 51.
You don't have to be the worlds best poet or storywritter to write good lyrics and songs. Your songs don't even have to make that much sense. Queen's Bohemian Rapsody makes no sense at all, but thats there most talked about and most famous song. Its alright to get stuck as well. No ones perfect, and it's alright to get help. whether it's from your sister or the dictionary it's ok, don't think of it as cheating.

A few helpful lyrical sources.
The Dictionary
The Thesaurus
Analog X Rhyme (shows you every rhyme for the word you want)

Thankyou for reading if you would like to post a comment that would be very much apprieciated.
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the dictionary has actually helped me out a few times. and i just say write about the strongest emotion that you currently possess at the moment. at least usually. cuz that wouldnt explain the songs ive written about walking dolphins, pedophiles, and std's...
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise

bad moments are so easy to write about especially considering the state that society's in right now, the ideas just come to you once you have a theme
I always write nice little lyrics, but I need to sit in a whole room with my bandmates to write a chorus. I usually write about things I do outdoors, like brushing snow off the car, or slipping on Ice.

Now that I think of it, if people knew what any of my lyrics ment, I would be a pretty embarassed person

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i just write about my life.

I bet you write boring and pittiful songs
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