that rocked dude! awesome stuff. i'm a fan of silverchair and am quite surprised to see someone from America playing silverchair, especially their older stuff because i recall that they did get big for a tiny second overseas, but have consistently been big in Australia.

your performance was very solid, and you had some cool improv sections inbetween sections. keep it up!
Thanx man Silverchair was my biggest influence as a teenager and the reason i started playing guitar. When i seen Daniel Johns in the video Tomorrow i instantly wanted to play guitar..
The most talented man on earth...
u a fan of his later stuff? I like neon ballroom, but diorama is one of my personal top albums. young modern is quite ambitious but i think hes missed the mark on what it could have been, but its still better than most of the music out there anyway
Nice cover, added your own sound to it. I'd love to hear Daniel do that kinda version with his live "Freak" style screaming.

and it's nice to see 'Chair fans! Diorama will always be my fave Silverchair album. It's one of only 3 albums I can listen to all the way through and enjoy every song equally.
Frogstomp through Diorama all are some of my fav discs ever. I hold frogstomp and Freakshow so high as thats what got me started on guitar.

When i do covers i try to add a little of my styles as playing like the original gets stale and seems like a carbon copy.
The most talented man on earth...