sorry if this is an often asked question but...

will a squier starcaster take a neck that is made by warmoth for a fender strat? and will a tremolo system fit in it? if so, what are some good ones(beside floyd rose, too priey) that would work with an earvana locking nut ?

because i am doing a complete overhaul, paint included, and would like to get a 24 fret neck, as this guitar will be used for shredding and such.

Is it a Squier Stratocaster, or a Fender Starcaster? The Fender is the one you can buy at Target and Bestbuy.
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ha its a really crappy one from costco

on the other hand, i do have a yamaha eg 112c. so will a strat neck with 24 frets fit on that? same with a tremolo?
Yeah, upgrading a crappy guitar still leaves you with a crappy guitar. The body will be really low quality.