Here's what I'm looking for, I'd like:

2 different 12" speakers - one for strictly warm buttery blues, the nice laid back pickin on the back porch rythm & blues.

The other for classic rock/blues, ac/dc stevie & jimi dirty gritty a little more bite, but still smooth and bluesy NOT bright or edgey.

Now for the unique situation:

This is for playing in my basement at lower volumes, relaxed easy on the ears guitar plaing. To accomplish this I'd like to use the gear I allready have. I just bought a killer ant sub 1 watt tube head from blackheart, I also have a Marshall MG250dfx 2x12 guitar combo. I

do not like the marshall so far, farty tone that is way too shrill and honky, but I have it and maybe could make the best out of it, it is a sealed back cab, with 2 8 ohm celestion custom 12's, I'd like to pull them out and replace them with better speakers, thus improving the Marshall MG and it can also act as a nice extension cabinent for my killer ant tube amp.

long stor short
1: I need 2 different 12" 8ohm speakers, one for rythm and blues (bbking) & one for blues rock (ac/dc & hendrix)

2:The cab is a sealed 2x12, (I can easliy run it open but probably never will) it can be operated one speaker at a time or both in stereo

3:The amps driving them (not at the same time of course) is mainly a killer ant sub 1 watt all tube head, the other is the marshall MG250dfx 50 watts per channel stereo I know I have plenty of power with the mg, and I'll hardly EVER use it, so don't think I'll blow a speaker, because I don't like playing loudly.

4: playing preferece is blues and classic rock at nice low volumes down in my basement along with a little rum and coke every now and then.

My blues styled guitar is an SG loaded with a 57 classic humbucker and a angus young signature humbucker my rock & metal guitar is an ESP LTD KH202 with EMG's and a floyd rose, (I also like Metallica and Sabbath).

I also have a peavey VYPRY 75 that does all of this stuff awesomely, but hey... that's a modeling rig, I want a classic analogue rig that will also do it at lower volumes.

I'm thinking that my one speaker for the classic rock ac/dc hendrix & vaughn stuff should probably be the celestion G12m greenback please feel free to agree or disagree with my assumption, it's the other speaker I'm having a hard time deciding on.........what's a sweet all blues all tone all feel speaker that will give me that unmistakeable blues sound? As far as celestion goes, I'm thinking the only other option is an alnico blue, but I can't afford to spend that much on one, so I'm leaning towards some eminance speakers, which ones? Can you guys point me to the right one please.......

WHEW, that's alot of writing, I hope you guys didn't get too bored reading it
i would suggest speakers from avatar. and the you can pick out any celestions i think is how the process goes but i would suggest Alnico Blues. i just love the cleanness of these speakers of the samples i have heard.

Good luck.
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You can have two 12" speakers of the same type. Those two tones you're after are the same. It's all in the fingers.
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You can have two 12" speakers of the same type. Those two tones you're after are the same. It's all in the fingers.

well yeah, I guess ya got me there! All the same I'm a tone tweeker/gearhead and I just have to beat it to death ya know.

I've been looking at still the greenback and maybe a eminence redfang
Go to the Weber Speakers website.

The speakers you would want are the "My tone Stan Spec" speaker for your "warm and buttery blues" style, it's basically a copy of a pre-Rola greenback. I think it is rated at 30 watts, but you can ask for higher power handling. They're not an "official" speaker, they're one of those "choose your own specs" types, that someone from another board has a list of specs for. I've heard them and they sound amazing.

The second speaker for a bolder tone, is the Silver Bell. This one is listed under "british series" https://taweber.powweb.com/weber/

They are like a g12h30 with slightly rolled off highs, very nice sounding.
Well I've talked with anthony at eminence via email, and his picks for me were the patriot red white and blues, and texas heat.

Then I emailed him back asking him what he thought of maybe the red fang and private jack vs those 2, (my reasons given being that I thought they might work better because of my low power requirements)

I got a nice response and a few things explained, it boiled down to wether I wanted a british voiced speaker or an american voiced speaker, and he left it up to me to decide.

Takeing into consideration that I was talking to my "best source" on the matter, I believe I will take Anthony's advice on the red white and blues, but am thinking of picking the private jack over the texas heat.

I'm afraid that the texas heat might sound too similar to the speakers in my marshall MG-250, I seen on a website where the texas heat was the recommend emminence speaker for the MG250 and the stock speakers are not for me.

The private jack looks like it is voiced similiar to a celestion g12m greenback, but with a smoother top end and not as harsh alltogether as a greenback could be.

The red white and blues should suffice for my bluesy speaker and I would think the private jack would work for my more aggressive stuff, ac/dc, hendrix, vaughn etc.

I hope they work well together, anybody got any input on the eminence's?
I am confused. Are you going to be switching speakers while playing somehow? Or do you think that one speaker will sound more than the other while playing a specific way?

At any rate, the MG will probably not produce the tone you're after no matter what speakers you put in there. I'd suggest putting back the $120-$150 you'd put into the speakers, and sell the MG. If it is for basement playing, there is no need for that thing. Get a nice avatar cab for your Ant.

^All suggestions, do as you wish, but this is what I'd do in your situation.