There's a 2nd hand orange tiny terror head going for about half the retail price (NZ$) I was wondering what these are like in terms of tone. I want something with really nice cleans and a bit of clean headroom and smooth classic-rock voiced overdrive, no screaming metal tones needed just something with really nice simple tube tone. Will this thing do it?

EDIT: seller says it is Korean made whereas most are made in China. Is this a good or a bad thing?
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its got killer tone, the cleans are pretty good but i personally loved the overdrive more than anything else its got awesome classic tone better than my classic 50 and blackheart handsome devil. in my opinion, just buy it and if you dont like it ... sell it for more than you paid, those hold their value well
I own a TT and it is designed for exactly what you are talking about. If it is half price buy it NOW. You won't be dissappointed. Great classic rock tones await.
the tiny terror has a really good tone if you only want to play classic rock or bluesy stuff, this is the amp you should buy