good songs, but dear christ is that an annoying autotune/ vocoder after a while. i suppose its alright if its for effect but i get the feeling your covering intonation problems and therefore overcompensating. but dont get me wrong, good stuff.
Hey Ochazuke. Here's my opinion.

I like Thunder. I thought it sounded a bit familiar, so I looked up the original (Boys Like Girls - I didn't know the song, so I must have only heard it once a while ago).

Now, my beef with covers is: if you have to make one, then make it your own. Change it, add stuff, do something with it. Personally I'd add a drum line after the first chorus. And the piano solo is a bit thin. What about a nice clean electric guitar solo? In that chorus by the way, I do miss the second voice (like in the original). Without the harmonics it sounds too stressed. And the ending "thunder" is not a good idea. But man, I really like the lead singer's voice. Great control. Better than the original if you ask me.

Now for Winter Park, I take it that's your own writing? I like it a lot. I don't care too much for the voice effect, but it sounds all right. My critique with this song is that it sounds like a long intro to something that never starts. Maybe you should add an extra chorus with a completely new melody. 10 seconds or so. And a short guitar solo to top it all. But I think it's very good. I get a nice melancholy feeling out of it.

With You Final sounds great. You've got some work to make the two voices sound right, but otherwise it's just smashing. Did you guys write that, or is it a voice-over of a U2 track? I like it a lot. If it is yours, and you do get around solving the voices issue (it sounds a bit like karaoke now) you've got something ready for release!

I also listened to the recordings in your profile. You show real talent there. The push ups (or is it whammy) almost always reach the right pitch. I think you've got an excellent ear.

You guys seem quite young on the pictures. Who are you on there?

I wouldn't be surprised if you made it one day. I'm impressed!
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