a certain amount of time that you've been playing? 1, 3, 6, 12 months? (etc)

obviously its not a kid who picks up a guitar and says: "~i canz pway dat smoke on dem water songz!~ and proceeds to play

--0--3-5---0--3-6-5--------- etc.

and i dont think it counts to pick up an acoustic and learn a few random major chords either.

so, when does it become 'official'?
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It's not a matter of how good you play, but how much you practice and how much importance you give to guitar.
Basically IMO, when you don't quit, and try to constantly get better.

whenever you believe you are

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when you stop telling people you are learning guitar and when you start saying you play guitar
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When you become serious enough about the instrument to not worry whether or not you're considered a guitarist yet.
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when you feel the music rushing through your veins, to burst yonder through your fingertips and into your guitar?
When you have had more guitars than girlfriends.
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When you decide that you aren't going to put down the guitar unless you are physically unable to play anymore.
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your a guitarist for the period of time that you try to play guitar on a day to day basis without missing more than 3 weeks of playing at which point you lose your guitarist status...or something like that.
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when you stop telling people you are learning guitar and when you start saying you play guitar

when you freestyle and make your own music instead of being a trend and playing other peoples music
or when you play guitar till your fingers bleed
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When you have had more guitars than girlfriends.

This, or when you spend more time with your guitar then you do your girl/significant other.
Me and mine got into an arguement, because she thought I loved my guitars more then I love her.......I lied and agreed with her.
There is a difference between a guitarist and a guitar player.

A guitar player is somebody that plays guitar.

A guitarist is somebody that can write and create music on a guitar.
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when your guitar is an extension of yourself....
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When you get 100% on Through The Fire & The Flames on expert.


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