Hey! does anybody have any input on scalloping a bass neck? i plan to do a richie blackmore style leaving the front of each fret plain. i would like to do a full scallop and maybe even drop in an emg pickup and a kahler trem. but thats for later.
thanks for the help
wow, sounds like a shred bass.....this could be interesting.

just go about scalloping like usual, one guy had a tutorial of it in here at a point.....
sounds like a badass setup when its all done. you should post some pics and such. sounds like you wanna be the next billy sheehan, lol.
thanks for the replys! but i dont think i'll be the next billy sheehan lol. i was inspired by my cousin who's a guitar player and my bass in only worth about $50 so why not experiment? i have read a few articles on how to scallop necks and it seems pretty easy aslong as you take your time. and as soon as i get another bass i;ll have all the time i need.
speaking of basses whats your opinion on the schecter stilletto series?
what i know is that if you want to put in an EMG, its better to upgrade to 18v because that would give you alot mroe headroom and EMG's in basses work much better this way. As for scalloping, i have no idea but sounds liek agood idea.
i just had another idea! after having a discussion with another "hot rodder" he said about the neck warping and eventually snapping under the tension of the strings. my idea was to cut the bottom of the "u" off of the back of the neck and add a sheet of aluminum, fiberglass or even hard wood for support. As for the emg pick up i was thinking of using their passive HZ pick up which would make things alot easier even tho i do like active electronics!
The point of scalloping a fretboard is to ensure your fingers don't touch the fingerboard, but on a bass the strings are so huge that you don't touch the fingerboard anyways....what would be the benefit of scalloping a bass?? Is it a 5+ sting bass with thinner strings at the top where that would actually matter? The strings on a 4 string bass are so large, my fingers literally never touch the fingerboard...so....enlighten us. =]

I love scalloped fingerboards on guitars, so don't think I'm raggin' on scallops in general, I LOVE them actually. More than a normal board even.