i have been playing for about a year and a half but i have one problem. i am very uninformed when it comes to soloing.

i know my scales and all, its just playing which scale a which time seems to be troublesome for me.

could someone tell me how to figure such things out?
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Please read the theory link in my sig. I can help you when you know the basic information. If you know that information already, great, but it's annoying when someone claims to know a lot and then ask a question about a basic concept, clearly demonstrating their lack of knowledge.

The soloing video will be of use to you as well. You do have to understand chord progressions before you can really know how to solo over anything more complex than a basic blues, though, and that does require a bit of theory.

I'm not in any way trying to question your knowledge, but I need to make sure you know elementary concepts before I (and several others) try to explain something fairly complex.